Test Your Internet Speed


All of us have Internet Connections at our places... and pay for costly Hi-Speed Broadband Plans...

But never thought of checking the speed that you actually get?

Well I made an application to serve the purpose.....

About Application :
> Application Size = 208 KB
> It checks the Internet Speed from a Calcutta Server
> Downloads a 128 KB of Sample Data
> It calculates your inernet Speed for you

What you need to have :
> Windows 2000, NT, Xp, Vista or higher
> For Windows Xp, NT, 2000 .Net Framework 2.0 or higher (Vista has it preloaded)
> Internet Explorer Installed

Usage :
** Just Double Click to test the speed of your connection.


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You may post your Test Results as Comments !

Keep Your Internet Alive

These days Broadband connections are very common...

As a result we are always connected... this annoys the ISP's !

Recently, I made some changes in my internet connection and faced the following problem and came out with a solution...

***** Problem *****
ISPs(Internet Service Providers) automatically disconnects the connection after some time in case of absolute inactivity. This reduces the load on their servers.
This is irritating for the user, as he has to login every now and then...

Now, Imagine you are reading an article and after 10 mins.. as you turn to next page...? It asks you to Login..??? Now... that's crazy... isn't it ?

***** Solution *****
I coded an application that keeps the connection alive ! Basically it maintains little activity and prevents it from logging out. This is tested to be safe.. so no worries.

Application : Keep_Alive
Size : 40 KB
It uses : 128 bytes every 5 min. (i.e. 36KB in 1 day)
Link : Download Here

***** How To Use *****
> Double-Click the application(Keep_Alive)
> The Application runs in hidden mode, i.e. it will disappear and run in background
> You are done.. Now your connection will remain alive, forget about it.


But a Problem !

۩ On Restart the you again have to start the Application !!!


So... Add it to your Start Up
Adding to StartUp...
** Go to Start > All Programs
** Right Click on Startup > open
** In Startup paste the application (Keep_Alive)
** This will start the Application every time you start your computer

Mission Accomplished...!
Now you will not get logged out automatically as the application will maintain some activity.

If you want to remove it...
** Just Delete it from the Startup Folder & Restart.
** To close it without Restart.. (ctrl + shift + esc) > Processes > Keep_Alive > End Process.


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