Boost Up Internet Speed Without Software

Above 90% computers all over the world run Windows... and hence another computer trick.

But do you know that about 20% of your internet bandwidth is reserved by Microsoft.
Uses of Reserved Bandwidth
** Windows Automatic Updates rely on this reserved bandwidth.
** Fast loading Microsoft Websites
** Sending Error Reports
** Online Help support in Microsoft Office
But this can be recovered back...
The Remedy
** Start >> Run
** Type gpedit.msc
** This opens the Policy Editor
** Now, Local Computer Policy >> Computer Configuration
** Then, Administrative Templates >> Network
** Now, click on QOS Packet Scheduler
** Now, on Right hand side
** Double Click Limit reservable bandwidth
** Now in Setting Tab

********************* NOTE **********************
It says : Not Configured
Reality : The Explain Tab says "By default, the Packet Scheduler limits the system to 20 percent of the bandwidth of a connection"

** So, on Setting Tab select Enabled
** Now, change Bandwidth limit (%) to 0 (Zero)

********************** NOTE ********************
Misconcept : This don't means that you won't be able to communicate with Microsoft or any its services !!!
Actually : This reserved Bandwidth is only to accelerate Microsoft internet connections more than other connections !!!

** Click OK !!!

That's All !!!


Indranx said...

Thank you for your tips, but this tips i have do last year :). Your site look very good information blog. So please keep it up and bring more new tips and tricks.

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Anonymous said...


Good Blog site,

But how to improve internet speed in Win VISTA OS ????

Kasun Pathirage said...

yeah great blog. lots of great stuff