Crack BIOS Password !!!

Forgot BIOS Password ?

Do the following :

Open the CPU
2. Now, observe the motherboard.
3. You notice a coin like silver Battery(3V).

--------------- NOTE --------------------------------------------------------
This battery is 24 x 7 power supply for the BIOS, which is used to run the system clock will the main power is off. It also initiates the booting process when power is switched on.

4. Remove the battery from the motherboard
(It is safe to remove the Battery)
5. Wait 30 seconds and place the battery back on the motherboard.
6. Now, when you start your system you won't be prompted for the BIOS password.

Enjoy !!!
------------------------------------ CAUTION -----------------------------------------------
Perform on your own risk !
You have to set the time of your computer when you start again.


Anonymous said...

come on don't you think that your blog is ???????
and the bios crack by removing the battery i thought that you will put it first not no .
i like your blog

pranav said...

it an also be done by setting a jumper near the battery
just change the pins &u r done
this helpsn when the battery is soldered in place

knight rider said...

Here is the Best way to Crack the BIOS password

There are a lot ways to Crack the BIOS password. This is one of them but I would say that this one is more effective than the rest because the rest of the ways does not Guarantee you that it will Crack the BIOS password while in this case the Cracking is Guaranteed since in this we will remove the functionality of password protection of the BIOS.

Follow the steps below:

1) Boot up windows.
2) go to dos-prompt or go to command prompt directly from the windows start up menu.

3) type the command at the prompt: “debug” (without quotes ninja.gif )
4) type the following lines now exactly as given…….
o 70 10
o 71 20

4) exit from the dos prompt and restart the machine

password protection gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

knight rider said...

i seen ur blogs on computers its really good.
and i am thinking that u will tell me the solution of
this problem


i caught virus through pen drive

so i had installed new operating system
most of the problem is being gone but
still there is one problem occurs i.e

i can't access my logical drive directly( double cliking)

except c drive

when i click's on drives (d,e,f) it will show pop-up banner "open with"

i am sending pic whats happening in right click menu bar
there are twice option of "open" and "explore" the top of
open and explore does'nt works.

so plz sir tell me the solution

i will be very thankful to u

MOHAMMAD said...

it is easy and right