Add Folder To - "SEND TO"

Many a times we require a FOLDER too often, like to store our Multimedia files and all !!!
No no need to access the folder and carry out the traditional COPY & PASTE !!!

Just add it too "SEND TO" !!!

Do as follows :

** Open any FOLDER.
** Then, TOOLS >> Folder Options
** Click view TAB.
** In LIST of Advance Settings, click Show hidden files and folders !
** Now, go to C:\Documents and Settings
** Here, double click and open your (username) folder !
** Now, open SendTo folder.
** Here copy and paste the shortcut of your favorite folder.

That's Done !!!

Now, tranfer files to your favorite folder :

** Right Click the file
** Then, Send To
** Click the folder name !

Enjoy !!! --------- Please Comment !!!


Piyush said...

good tricks bro.....!!!

Deepak said...

Wow What a fabulous trick
Thanks a lot to share it.........

Rahul said...

Thanx bro.
That's outstanding trick.
hope yu add some more tricks