Open Active Folder in Command Prompt !

Working through cmd prompt is not easy with long paths and folder names.

This trick provides a solution !!!

What can be done :
** Command prompt can be added to 'Right Click Menu' of each folder.
** Clicking on this will open the folder in cmd prompt.
** Now, the files in that folder can easily be operated.

How to do it :
** Open any folder.
** Tools >> Folder Options...
** Change to File Types
** Select Folder from the list.
** Click Advanced button.
** Now, click New
** Type Command Prompt in Action
** Type
cmd.exe in Application used to perform action:
** Now, click OK and Apply

That's All !!!

Now, Right Click any folder and click Command Prompt
And see what happens !!!

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Indranx said...

Very nice. I like your work! :)