Surf The Blocked Websites !

Are you frustrated because you are not able to visit your favorite websites in your school or college ?
Well, no problem the remedy comes here !

Below are the list of various sites from which you can surf the blocked websites !

Another Way,
Today we still use Internet Explorer to surf the net
, so if the block is done on the system then using Mozilla Firefox can help !
Use Firefox and try visiting the blocked sites !


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Anonymous said...

The reason why many proxies are not working is because they dont look into small small matters such as deleting the word proxies and orkut from meta and content of page.
Admins are (or rather the softwares they use) are smart enough to block by just scanning the content.
Especially the meta data of the proxy homepage and proxified pages.

I use http://www.pagemod.com to browse in office.

Its the only working one here in UAE.