Trace Websites !

My Exclusive... another contribution to Computer Tricks !

Surfing Internet...
Type in the url and Hit Enter, that's it ?

Have you ever thought what happens after that ?

Lets Trace n see what happens !

Do the following :
# Start >> Run
# Type cmd
# This will open the Command Prompt
# Type cd\
# Type tracert www.google.com

---------------------- Note ---------------------------
You can replace www.google.com with any website url.

Results :
$ First line shows the IP address of the website... $ You'll be shown steps in which the website gets load !
$ More is the number of steps more is time taken to load the website !

That's all !

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Elly said...

I've been finding out about the CMD lately and I knew some of what you said. but the startup etc. is awesome.

If you could download a programt o disguise the batch file, make it copy and paste itself into startup then run the shutdown. THat would be cruel hehehe

Here's something you missed out -
try the tracert during a msn messanger file download. One of the IP addresses listed 'Host' will be theirs. First step to hacking their PC.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfull command. Pls do keep posting this tricks. good one dude.

Anonymous said...

i am a new learner thats a great one

SIDDU said...

wow it is awsome

studentworld said...