Access Your Folders as Drives

Well, this is my EXCLUSIVE !!!

Trick is all About :

You can create Virtual Drives in your Computer. Now you can access your Favorite Folders as a drive in My Computer.

What you can do ?

** Access your folders as a Drive !

** Fool 'Computer Beginners' or your 'Friends' (Non-Expert) , as the drive will show Disk Space of the folder's drive so it seems that the disk space has increased !!!

Do The Follwing :

Start >> Run

Type cmd and hit Enter

This will open "Command Prompt"

Type subst Z: E:\folder and hit Enter key.

You can replace Z: with your desired New Drive Letter (Except existing Drive letters)!

You can replace E:\folder with the path of your favorite folder !

Now, type exit

*** This creates a new drive ! When you open this , it will open your folder !!!

*** Isn't it Awesome ?

*** And this is Exclusive at pcremix.blogspot.com !


But a Problem !

۩ On Restart the Virtual Drive Disappears !!!


Solution !


۩ We can make a batch file which will make the drive everytime on startup !

Here is how ?

Open Notepad

Type :


subst Z: E:\folder


File >> Save As...

Name it : Virtual Drive Emulator.bat

Start >> All Programs

Right Click on Startup >> Open

This open the Startup folder

Paste the Virtual Drive Emulator.bat file here !

*** That's all , now the drive will automatically be created when ever you start your pc


>>>> Mission Accomplished <<<<

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Anonymous said...

Very wonderful trick. I just tried this and found very usefull for me.

Anonymous said...

How can we undo this ????

Yugal Jindle said...

Reply By Author : Yugal Jindle

To Undo :

Simply, delete the batch file from the startup folder !!!

Now, RESTART and you won't see the drive again !!!

jadab said...

can make the image of any drive & i can store more amount of data

suppose i have a hard drive of 10 GB now can i make an image of this hard drive & can i store data on the image drive,,,,,,,,,,,means can i store the data of 10 Gb on the image drive

thank you
jadab from kolkata

reji said...

thank u